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What kind of evidence is needed for a truck accident claim?

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2022 | Truck Accidents

Being involved in a truck accident can change any Illinois resident’s life. You might be left with catastrophic injuries that require continuous care for your lifetime. It’s important to have certain evidence for your truck accident claim.

Your vehicle

Your vehicle probably suffered significant damage in the truck accident. Whether you had to get extensive repairs or it was totaled, visible evidence is valuable.

Police accident report

After a truck accident, police will come to the scene and make an accident report. You need to obtain a copy of this document as part of your records. It can serve as vital evidence in your truck accident claim. The report might include information such as any defects or malfunctions involving the truck or if there was driver error or negligence.

Inspection reports

For every several miles a truck travels, it’s required to undergo an inspection. This is done to ensure that the truck is in proper condition and properly maintained and is safe to travel long distances while sharing the roads with other vehicles. If it is determined that the truck missed an inspection, it serves as a red flag that you can use as evidence in your case.

Driver logs

Truck drivers often work very long hours, but they’re required to take periodic breaks every few hours. The driver log can show how long the trucker drove on the day of the accident. If they drove an excessive amount of hours, it’s possible that they were fatigued, leading to the accident. The information can provide some evidence for your truck accident claim.

Alcohol and drug testing

Trucking companies sometimes conduct surprise alcohol and drug testing on their drivers. If it’s determined that the driver involved in the accident was under the influence, it’s strong evidence for your case and proves who was at fault.