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Client Testimonials

My clients mean the world to me. I work hard to help them ease their burden of stress and get them through their difficult circumstances. Here are a few of their reviews after working with me at Flanagan Injury Law Group, LLC.

When You Need A Voice

At Flanagan Injury Law Group, LLC, I found a lawyer who not only showed professionalism but was transparent as well. He was very understanding and empathetic with my case. I would recommend his services to anyone who needs a voice in his difficult but respective field.

Gifted And Rare

Attorney Michael Flanagan was very open and upfront with me during the whole process. When other lawyers turned my case away, he stuck with me and didn’t give up. He showed respect, professionalism, and concern not just for the outcome of my case but for my well-being as well. In this world today, it’s difficult to find a stand-up lawyer. But, attorney Michael Flanagan is definitely someone who I will recommend to be the voice for you in the courtroom!!

Excellent Service

The service that Mr. Flanagan provided was very professional. As I went through the court procedures, he guided me every step of the way. He made sure I was aware of what was going on and how he expected it turn out. I won my case, and if I ever needed another attorney, I will be calling him. I highly recommend him! – Eric


Handled My Case Without Delay

Michael Flanagan handled my personal injury case with ease. I found him after one attorney refused my case and another had dropped my case because it was a small personal injury case. He was professional, experienced, thoughtful and personable. He handled my case without delay, and I am happy I hired him to represent me. In my opinion, he is one of the best. He works diligently for his clients and provides excellent results. – Tonisha

Extremely Diligent

Flanagan worked extremely diligent to make sure we got the results and settlement we wanted. He communicated what was going on every step of the process and knows how to approach major insurance companies. He was very professional, and I wouldn’t use anyone else. – Tracy


He helped my family out with all our problems and issues that we had. He also brought us nothing but smiles. He stuck with us through this journey and made sure everything was alright in our end. He helped us in such a great way and made sure everything was fine. He is one of the best lawyers around. – Anonymous


Attorney Flanagan has been awesome for each of the occasions that retained his services. He handled my personal jury case with ease and speed. Additionally, he put together a business contract for me as well!  – Kkerra