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Is overcrowding on the CTA causing dangerous accidents?

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2023 | Personal Injury

The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) helps thousands of people get around Chicagoland every day. The network of public transportation via train managed by the CTA provides cost-effective transportation options for residents and tourists alike.

However, in recent years, cutbacks by the CTA have led to congestion and overcrowding on some of their most popular routes. Despite claims that there would be adjustments to business practices to reduce overcrowding, issues have persisted in recent months.

How overcrowding affects safety

There are several ways in which transit overcrowding will affect the safety of individual passengers. Obviously, when transit vehicles are full, some people will have to stand. Those individuals will likely suffer immediate injuries if a crash of any sort occurs, while those in seats may suffer lesser falls or not end up on the floor at all.

Additionally, when there are more people on CTA trains, there is a greater possibility of people getting injured due to contact with others. Stressed-out commuters may also be more likely to argue or get physical with other travelers. Especially when people realize that as many as one in five scheduled trains don’t arrive as they should, the frustration of those who rely on the CTA to get to places like work on time is understandable.

Finally, the overcrowding reported on many CTA routes is a result of understaffing and reduced schedules in some areas, including during the busiest times of the day. Overworked, stressed CTA professionals may be more likely to make mistakes on the job that lead to accidents and injuries.

When the CTA is to blame, injured people may have options

Public transit incidents are unavoidable accidents that result from unusual weather conditions or unpredictable technological issues. However, many public transit accidents or injuries are the results of predictable and therefore preventable issues, like overcrowding on individual trains. There could be insurance available for some people injured on CTA vehicles, and there may also be the possibility of a personal injury lawsuit in some cases.

Taking thoughtful steps after a public transit incident can help those who are coping with medical costs and lost wages to cover their expenses. Working with an experienced legal professional can help to ensure that injury victims receive the maximum amount of compensation they’re rightfully owed.