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The Connection Between Hair Relaxers And Cancers

Any black woman can tell you that hair relaxers play an important role in the culture of black beauty. Unfortunately, an increasingly large number of drug store hair relaxers are now in the news for a link to uterine and reproductive cancers. In short, hair relaxers may be causing black women their lives.

Flanagan Injury Law Group, LLC is stepping in as an advocate for cancer victims. For years, the firm has worked diligently to get justice for injured Chicagoans. Attorney Flanagan and his associates have obtained full settlements from negligent property owners, the Chicago Transit Authority and even major medical companies in Illinois when our clients have suffered from someone else’s negligence or failures. Talk to attorney Flanagan about your situation at a free appointment: 773-789-5870.

Why Relaxers Are Dangerous

Hair relaxers use caustic chemicals to open up the proteins in hair and cause a “relaxation” of the curls or kinks. Hair dressers have known for years that using them can be risky, but the risks associated with them has traditionally been around chemical burns to the scalp, neck and face.

In the past few years, however, studies have shown that women who use hair relaxers, even occasionally, develop uterine cancer and other reproductive cancers at over twice the rate of those who do not.

Products involved in some of these cases include:

  • Just for Me
  • Dark & Lovely
  • Soft & Beautiful
  • Motions
  • Olive Oil Girls

Uterine and ovarian cancers are not the only medical issue women are facing, either. Many women report uterine fibroids, endometriosis, pregnancy complications and other reproductive health issues.

Featured In The News

Attorney Flanagan is shedding light on hazardous chemicals in hair relaxers and the link between them and cancer. His lawsuit aims to hold manufacturers accountable for failing to warn consumers about the possible dangers. His work is featured in a recent article by PacerMonitor.

How Flanagan Injury Law Group, LLC Is Fighting For Their Clients

When people come to Flanagan Injury Law Group, LLC, the first thing that happens in their appointment is that they get the opportunity to tell their story in full to an attorney who listens and genuinely cares. Then, the firm puts together a plan of action, that outlines your legal options and fights to get you a tangible financial settlement. This includes a full medical assessment. Contact the firm at 773-789-5870 or by reaching out online.