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Why do semitruck crash victims need an attorney?

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2024 | Truck Accidents

Semitruck crash victims can suffer catastrophic injuries that range from broken bones and spinal cord injuries to internal bleeding an brain injuries. These injuries can all lead to considerable medical care needs that can be both physically intense and financially costly.

The types of medical care that a truck crash victim needs may include visits to the emergency room, follow-up doctor’s visits, surgery, physical therapy and a host of other kinds of care. They may also develop considerable mental health needs. All of these costs should be included in a claim for compensation because the victim shouldn’t be responsible for these costs, if another’s negligence caused their harm.

Costs go beyond medical care

The costs of catastrophic injuries can extend far beyond just medical care. One of the main considerations is being unable to work. A crash victim may temporarily or permanently lose their income, which can be a traumatic event that affects their entire family.

The stress of losing an income can hinder healing because all the victims may be worried about is money. They may not even be able to pay their normal life expenses, much less covering the costs of the care they need. Another often costly expense is modifications to a victim’s home and vehicle, if needed. These can be very expensive, especially for a person who has life-long effects to contend with.

Ways a legal representative can help

A legal representative can help victims to seek the compensation they deserve. This is a complex undertaking that includes everything from gathering evidence to filing a case with the court. While a legal representative handles those aspects of the case, the victim in question can have time to focus on healing.

There are time limits in place for filing personal injury cases. All victims should act swiftly so they don’t bypass that time limit. It’s important that their legal assistance include a comprehensive claim that includes all damages, past, present and future. Representatives can help victims to make informed decisions in this regard, partially because they can look at similar cases to determine what types and amounts of financial damages should be included in their compensation claim. This is just a single example of why it’s important for a truck accident victim to have a skilled legal team on their side.